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Policies of City Council

The Council of the City of Lethbridge has a broad mandate to provide good government, develop and maintain a safe and viable community, and to supply desirable and/or necessary services to the community.

The Council Procedural Bylaw can be accessed here.

Policies are Council statements that determine the conduct of the City and its departments regarding the services they provide.  Policies are approved by City Council and maintained by the Office of the City Clerk.  Individual policies can be downloaded from the following listing: 

Affordable Housing and Homeless Major Community Event Hosting
Affordable Housing Capital Project Grant Monument
Volunteer Recognition Event Parkland and Roadway Special Event
Fee Assistance Program Policy Development, Implementation & Evaluation
City Council Committees ​​Procurement
​Attendance at Political Functions Protective Plumbing Program
City Council Members Reporting to Council Public Art
City Council Orientation Real Estate Acquisition
City Council Remuneration and Benefits ​​Real Estate Sales
​City Manager Performance Review Recordings of Legislative Meetings
Per Diem and Travel Expenses
Community Capital Project Grant Reimbursement or Indemnification for Action or Judgment
Community Events Support Program ​Risk Management
Community Not-For-Profit Emergency Funding Signing Authority
Courtesy Use of Facilities and Services ​Snow and Ice Control
Distribution of Promotional Items Social Policy
Ethical Guidelines of Conduct for Members of Council Sport and Recreation
Facilities Capital Investment Recognition ​​Tax Cancellation and Refund
Housing Incentive Program Targeted Redevelopment Incentive
Financial Services

Technology for Council Members

Flag Policy Twin/Friendship/Sister City
Historic Places Upgrading Pre-Existing Secondary Suites
Human Resources Use of City Funds to Purchase Alcohol
​​Information and Technology Use of Registered City of Lethbridge Crest and Fort Whoop-Up Flag
Key to the CityWaste Diversion
Letter of Support


Contact Information:
Telephone:    403 329 7329