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Strategic Plan 2010 - 2013


 For Council:  We have a culture of public service, which has earned the trust, respect and confidence of our community.
For our Community:  We are recognized as being safe, healthy, vibrant, welcoming, prosperous, economically viable and a place where all people can fully participate in community life.


 To Lead, To Serve and To Inspire


Strategic Priority: Open and Effective Government

Desired Outcomes:
  • Ensure municipal government processes are open and accessible
  • Encourage public engagement
  • Improve communication and share information with the public in a manner consistent with their needs
  • Improve how we communicate with community and business leaders to engage and gain understanding of the issues facing our community
  • Improve how we communicate the policies and actions of Council
  • Deliver the highest possible level of service to our citizens in a manner that endeavors to meet their needs and requirements.
Key Actions:
  • Review all Council committee processes to encourage openness such as Community Issues Committee (CIC), agendas, and Incamera
  • Invite community leaders to meet with Council at City Hall or their places of business
  • Separate Council messages (for all Council, not just Mayor) from corporate messages
  • Council members on committees report back to Council as a whole on Committee business   Or consider having key organizations where we have Council members on Board to report to Council as a whole twice per year
  • Make our data including Council’s activities more accessible to the public
  • Consider strategies to make it easier to navigate and access services at City Hall  
  • Develop and implement strategies to enhance the culture of public service

Strategic Priority:  Financial Responsibility

Desired Outcomes:
  • Develop a three-year operating budget and ten-year capital improvement plan that demonstrates fiscal responsibility:
    •           Recognizing the impact on levels of service
    •           Recognizing social and economic impact
Key Actions:
  • Review relevant financial policies
  • Update the Cost of Service Study for utilities
  • Develop the 2012-2014 three-year operating budget
  • Develop the ten-year Capital Improvement Plan for 2014-2023
  • Decide how to best utilize available grants
  • Review the “new initiatives” from the last three budget cycles for effectiveness and value
  • Develop service levels option
  • Ensure the City operates in the most efficient and effective manner
  • Develop tools for better public input regarding the operating and capital budgets
  • Develop ways to better communicate the City’s financial position

Strategic Priority:  Environment

Desired Outcomes:
  • Ensure that Lethbridge is a leader in environmental stewardship
  • Encourage the community to contain and reduce our impact on the environment
Key Actions:
  • Explore enhancements to recycling depots/stations
  • Explore curbside recycling options
  • Review corporate practices in such areas as pesticide, energy and water use
  • Track and communicate progress
  • Prepare for environmental legislation changes:
    •           Align our environmental policies with other governments
    •           Prepare for new conservation technologies and regulations
    •           Consider models for community participation
    •           Explore energy conservation strategies

Strategic Priority:  Intergovernmental Relations

Desired Outcomes:
  • Foster cooperation among governments
  • Ensure that other governments are aware of the City’s priorities and the implications their decisions will have on Lethbridge
  • Ensure that the City is aware of the priorities of other governments and the impact the City’s decisions have on them
Key Actions:
  • Identify areas of mutual interests and concerns, and work with other governments to achieve beneficial and efficient development
  • Build relations with other governments and agencies to support the community
  • Advocate on behalf of our community to local MLAs and MP, and other representatives of federal and provincial governments

Strategic Priority:  Priorities Within Integrated Community Sustainability Plan / Municipal Development Plan (ICSP/MDP)

Desired Outcomes:
  • Initiate action on Council’s priorities within the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan/Municipal Development Plan (ICSP/MDP)
Key Actions:
  • Council and Administration will establish a process to prioritize policies and implementation of action plans within the guiding framework of the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan/Municipal Development Plan (ICSP/MDP)
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