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City Council Strategic Plan - Community Vision, Mission Statement & Values

Community Vision

We will continue to work together to ensure that Lethbridge demonstrates active leadership in environmental stewardship and innovation and is recognized as being a safe, healthy, vibrant, prosperous, economically viable place where all people can fully participate in community life.

Mission Statement

Respecting the framework of the Community Vision, City Council will serve and inspire the community through:
  • Strong leadership
  • Decisiveness
  • Measureable actions


Values are the enduring principles or beliefs that guide individual and collective behaviour and relationships. These are the norms that guide the actions of City Council. These principles are essential to how Council members interact with each other, with administration and with the community. 


  • We respect individual differences as well as citizens’ rights and responsibilities 
  • We respect the Offices of Mayor and Councillor as well as the collective role of City Council in the community 
  • We respect the democratic processes and decisions of City Council 
Citizen Focused:
  • We encourage citizen participation 
  • We support diversity 
  • We are empathetic 
Open and Accessible:
  • We are open minded 
  • We are inclusive 
  • We make ourselves available to citizens 
  • We make information easily accessible 
  • We take responsibility for our words and actions 
  • We develop well-considered policy 
  • We are responsible, innovative and decisive 
  • We are ethical stewards 
If we live by these values, we build a foundation of integrity and trust. 

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