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Election Sign Guidelines

Signs on Public Property

  • All signs must be securely erected and free standing
  • A sign cannot be greater than 0.6 meters by 1.0 meters and can only have two sign faces
  • The top of the sign cannot be greater than 1.0 meter above the ground
  • All signs must include the candidate’s name, office telephone number, email address and if appropriate, their political affiliation
  • Candidates must keep signs in a neat and clean appearance
  • on roadways (including paved shoulders), centre medians, traffic islands or roundabouts
  • within 30 meters of a signalized intersection or 15 meters of an unsignalized intersection
  • on interchange ramps (Whoop Up Drive at University Drive or Whoop Up Drive/6 Ave S at Scenic Drive)
  • on any traffic control device or where it obstructs, detracts from or could be confused with a traffic control device
  • on any physical roadway structure including bridges, guardrails, retaining walls, fences, concrete barriers, fire hydrants, sidewalks, pathways, crosswalks or street light poles
  • on any street or highway sign or sign post
  • within 500 meters of a construction zone
  • within a school zone/area or playground zone/area
  • within 2.0 meters from the edge of pavement
  • within a minimum spacing of 20 meters between the same candidate’s signs
  • display an intermittent flashing, rotating or moving light or have moving parts
  • be illuminated
  • have balloons, kites or inflatable devices attached to or near them
  • imitate or resemble the appearance of a traffic control device (ie.  STOP or YIELD sign)
  • All election signs on public property must be removed three days after Election Day, that is October 19, 2017
  • If a sign is in contravention of these guidelines, a Peace Officer or a person authorized by City of Lethbridge Traffic Operations may, without notice or compensation, remove the sign
  • Contact Traffic Operations, 403 320 3183 to retrieve confiscated signage.

Signs on Private Property

  • You must have the permission of the property owner if you wish to place a by-election sign on private property
  • Signs may be placed on private property at any time
  • Signs on private property must be removed by Monday, October 30th (two weeks following Election Day)

Provincial Right of Ways  

  • This includes Highway 4, Crowsnest Trail (Highway 3), and 43 Street South between Highway 4 and Crowsnest Trail (Highway 3)
  • Maximum size is one and half square meters
  • To be placed no closer than two meters from the edge of pavement
  • Not within the median
  • Not to be mounted on highway signs or sign posts
  • Not within 500 meters of a construction zone
  • Not within 50 meters of an intersection
  • To be removed within three days after Election Day, that is by October 19, 2017 

Election Sign Guidelines including Diagrams for Intersection Rules, Ramps, and Restricted Locations


Contact Information:

Aleta Neufeld, Returning Officer
403 320 4083
David Sarsfield, Assistant Returning Officer
403 329 7329