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Land Use Bylaw 5700


The City of Lethbridge’s current Land Use Bylaw became effective September 1, 2011. At 200 plus pages, Land Use By-law 5700 is the City’s largest by-law. It is referred to and interpreted dozens of times a day to provide advice and make decisions. The Land Use Bylaw sets out the rules for what kind of building or activity can take place on private property and it outlines the process for issuing Development Permits that gives approval for that new building or activity.

The Land Use Bylaw divides the city into different zones or districts. These are identified on the zoning map. The development rules that apply to each of those districts contains 2 lists of allowable land uses – Permitted Uses and Discretionary Uses, and some rules governing the placement and size of buildings. There are other rules as well: parking space requirements, Home Occupation rules, and rules governing Signs and Billboards to mention a few.

If you are planning to build on your property or move your business into a new space you more-than-likely need a Development Permit before you can obtain a Building Permit or a Business License. Please give the Planning and Development Services Department a call or visit (1st floor City Hall, 910 4th Avenue South) and we will be happy to help you get started.


Land Use Bylaw 5700
Land Use Bylaw 5700 (October 2016)
Zoning Map


Department: Development

Key Contact: Gepke Stevenson
Senior Development Officer
Phone: 403-320-4193

Key Contact: Kevin Deaust

Development Officer (commercial/industrial)
Phone: 403-320-4746

Key Contact: Angie Olsen

Development Officer (commercial/special use)
Phone: 403-320-4950

Key Contact: Pam Colling

Development Officer (residential)
Phone: 403-320-4140