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Building Bulletins

Bulletin - building.jpgCity of Lethbridge issued bulletins for the building discipline regarding clarifications, interpretations and updates to Provincial & National Codes

Bldg-15-01 Asbestos During Demolition Jan. 2015
Bldg-11-01​ Insulation & Vapor Barrier Policy Mar. 2011​
Bldg-10-05 Piping in Partywalls​ ​Nov. 2010
Bldg-10-04 Spray Foam Inspection Policy Oct. 2010​
Bldg-10-03​ Lateral Bracing Policy​ ​Oct. 2010
Bldg-10-02​ Reversed Plans for Residential Applications Oct. 2010​
Bldg-09-01​ Attic Ventilation​ ​Sept. 2009