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Celebrate Downtown

2018 Heart of Our City
“Celebrate Downtown” Event

The process of great city-building is an evolving and ongoing endeavour. Good ideas emerge and are continuously improved upon to achieve success. As such, Downtown revitalization is considered to be an ongoing campaign rather than a project or program.

Marianne Williamson, a renowned author and lecturer once said that:

“In every community there is work to be done. In every heart there is the power to do it.”

In 2016, the Heart of Our City Committee commemorated the 10th anniversary of the Heart of Our City Master Plan with a celebratory event. The event, which recognized individuals, businesses and organizations for their outstanding efforts in enhancing our downtown, was well-received. There are still many outstanding individuals, businesses and organizations deserving of special recognition so the Heart of Our City Committee has decided to hold the event again this year.

The HOC is inviting the community to nominate the individuals, businesses, organizations and programs that have made contributions that exemplify the vision and pillars of the revitalization of our Downtown. These outstanding individuals, businesses and organizations have invested time, ideas and capital into the Downtown to make it more beautiful, livable, exciting, vibrant, accessible and sustainable. The Heart of Our City Committee is pleased to recognize the tremendous work that is taking place in our downtown community every day. This annual event will provide an opportunity for Downtown Champions, those friends, neighbours, colleagues and community members, to meet, mingle and network.

Recognition Awards will be presented at the Celebrate Downtown event Wednesday, April 11, 2018,  5:30 - 7:30 pm at Casa.​

Seven categories have been established to recognize special contributions to the continuous improvement of Downtown:

  • Back in the Day Award recognizes a nominee who significantly contributes to the preservation of Downtown history.
  • Champagne Award recognizes a nominee who deserves a toast for all they do as an incredible volunteer and champion for a vibrant Downtown.
  • Hip Downtown Transformation Award recognizes a nominee who is leading a transformation of Downtown spaces, business, neighbourhoods, activities, and/or events that make Lethbridge’s Downtown just that much cooler.
  • Running With The Bulls Award recognizes a nominee who takes on great risks and is not scared to challenge the status quo as they work to create, maintain, support, and/or promote an exciting Downtown.
  • Taking Care of Business Award recognizes a nominee who is committed to taking care of the Downtown community, its streetscapes and spaces, to build a beautiful Downtown – they are not afraid of getting their hands dirty to get it done and are often an unsung hero.
  • From the Heart Award recognizes a nominee who is a social change agent who is creating an inclusive Downtown. This nominee is involved in making Downtown a welcoming place for all.
  • Downtown Event of the Year Recognizes a Nominee (event) committed to creating a vibrant and inclusive downtown.

Click here to make your nomination​s​
Nominations will remain open until February 28, 2018.