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Activity Grant

About the Activity Grant

The Heart of Our City Committee is committed to enhancing the vibrancy of Downtown Lethbridge. The Heart of Our City Activity Grant was thus created to provide City of Lethbridge funds to assist Lethbridge organizations host events that attract audiences and create an exciting downtown. This is the 7th year of the Activity Grant Program and the Heart of Our City Committee is pleased to invest $120,000 from the Heart of Our City Fund to help support 23 festivals and events in the Downtown in 2017.

Festivals and events in 2017 will take place on 92 days and are anticipated to attract over 60,000 people which is a 10,000 person increase over 2016. There will be 14 multi-day events and 9 single day events – both increases from 2016 as well.

2017 Approved Events

The following are the approved events for 2017

There will be a number of new events supported by the Heart of Our City Committee this year including:

  • Crossing Together – a Celebration of Stories about the ways the LBGTQ+ individuals engage with religion, faith & spirituality
  • Family Centre's Father's day BBQ
  • Newcomer's Event by the Local Immigration Partnership Initiative
  • Feel the Beat by the Lethbridge Symphony
  • Into the Streets Quarterly Public Art Series
  • Roots & Blues Fest
  • Lethbridge Society of Independent Dance Artists Fall Workshop

There are several ongoing events this year including:

  • Lunch & Listen Concert Series
  •  SOS Film Centre  Queen Scarlet Cinema series
  • YMCA's Family Day Event
  • Pretty, Witty & Gay Festival
  • Proud a presentation of the Undertow Theatre Collective
  • SOAR – Emerging Artists Festival
  • Homegrown – New West Theatre
  • Shakespeare in the Park
  • Pride Fest
  • Jazz at the Park
  • Lethbridge Electronic Music Festival
  • Love & Records
  • Word on the Street
  • Oktoberfest YQL
  • Arts Days
  • Bright Lights Festival

Click on the link below to obtain more details of each of these events including: a description of the event; the date, time(s) & location(s); event organizers and contact information.  The list is preliminary since some aspects of some events may vary from this version.

For complete details regarding the approved events for 2017, click here.

2017 Grant Application
Grant Applications are closed for 2017.

Application Deadline

The deadline for applications for 2017 was October 31st, 2016 and decisions on the awarding of funding were made by November 15th, 2016.

Grant Eligibility & Funding

Grant Eligibility

The Heart of the City Activity Grant is available to incorporated, not for profit organizations. Unincorporated organizations and individuals may apply provided they provide an indication of support from an eligible organization.   Public Institutions and Foundations may be eligible for projects outside their normal scope of operations.  In order to be eligible for funding the event must be held within the Downtown area or within the Civic Precinct as defined by the Heart of Our City.

The Heart of Our City Activity Grant is not intended for fund raising events.

Grant Funding

Projects will be eligible for up to $10,000.00 in grant funding annually.  A project is not eligible for Heart of Our City Grant funding if it is receiving funds from other City of Lethbridge sources. All grant applications exceeding $1000.00 require the organization to provide 50% matching funds.  Applications for grant funding may receive: maximum grant funding; or partial grant funding; or no funding due to the volume of applications, limited availability of funds or misalignment with grant purposes.

Project budgets must be balanced which means that planned expenditures must equal the anticipated revenues plus the requested funding.

Application Requirements
  • Completed application form
  • Completed project budget
  • Supporting documentation
  • List of Applicant Executive or Event Organizing Committee members
  • Signed Applicant Agreement
Eligible Expenses
  • Fees for services – professional and technical fees
  • Event supplies
  • Marketing and communications – ads, graphic design, brochures, banners, etc.
  • Event infrastructure – venue rental, stages, lighting, sound, portable washrooms, etc.
  • Safety – Security personnel, ambulance
  • Volunteer expenses – identifying clothing, refreshments
Evaluation Criteria

Project Benefits

  • Level of support for the Heart of the City Vision[1]
  • Magnitude of event
  • Event accessibility
  • Projected downtown visitor attraction – participants, volunteers, audiences
  • Duration of project
  • Project sustainability – is the project a one time or ongoing event

Project Viability

  • Background of applicant (organization size, length of operation, prior experience)
  • Indication of community support, including letters of support from sponsoring entities
  • Sufficiency of matching resources

Availability of Funding

[1]Downtown Vision Statement: Downtown will strive to enhance quality of life for all Lethbridge citizens.  Its vibrancy is rooted in its diverse population and accordingly it will strive to be an open, safe, affordable, accessible and welcoming place to people of all walks of life.  This social diversity will be embraced and celebrated through festivals and cultural events, urban design, architecture, and the day to day functioning of Downtown Lethbridge.

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