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Heart of Our City


About the Heart of our City Initiative

The Heart of our City is part of the long-term project to revitalize Downtown Lethbridge. Successful downtowns accommodate a range of commercial, cultural, residential, and recreational activities; they are vibrant and prestigious destinations, attracting businesses, residents, and tourists; and they provide a high level of amenity and economic opportunity for the community at large.

The Board typically meets in the City Council Chambers, Main Floor, City Hall on the second Wednesday of the month at 4:00 p.m. For more information regarding the Heart of the City committee, click here.

Featured News
Celebrate Downtown 2017
The HOC is inviting the community to nominate the individuals, businesses, organizations and programs that have made contributions that exemplify the vision and pillars of the revitalization of our Downtown. These outstanding individuals, businesses and organizations have invested time, ideas and capital into the Downtown to make it more beautiful, livable, exciting, vibrant, accessible and sustainable.

To learn more about the event please click here...

Activity Grant Recipients announced
The recipients of the 2017 Activity Grant have been announced! To learn more please click here.

Galt Gardens Master Plan
The Galt Gardens Master Plan is an initiative from the Heart of our City committee which has had a budget approved by City Council for the 2015-2018 budget cycle to do a master plan for the Galt Gardens. The Heart of our City committee’s vision for the project is for Galt Gardens to be a destination in the Downtown. To learn more, please click here.

Featured Initiatives
Activity Grant
Part of Downtown revitalization is making sure Downtown is exciting and vibrant.  In recognition of that, the Heart of Our City Committee has created the Heart of Our City Activity Grant. The purpose of the Grant is to provide City of Lethbridge funds to help Lethbridge organizations host events that contribute to downtown vibrancy and attract audiences to the Heart of the City. 

Housing Incentive Program
The Heart of our City Housing Program is intended to incentivize the creation of new market based housing units in Downtown Lethbridge which will, in turn, increase the downtown population.

Targeted Redevelopment Incentive Policy
The Targeted Redevelopment Incentive Policy (TRIP) is a municipal tax cancellation policy intended to promote large scale projects involving the construction of new commercial, office, retail, and mixed use buildings in the downtown core.

Contact Us
Business Unit: Planning & Development

Key Contact: George Kuhl, Downtown Revitalization Manager: 403 320 3926

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