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Westminster Area Redevelopment Plan


About the Westminster ARP

The Westminster Area Redevelopment Plan was originally adopted by council in 1985, and is in need of revision. In July 2010 the City of Lethbridge adopted a new city wide long range plan (the ICSP/MDP – Integrated Community Sustainability Plan/Municipal Development Plan) that updated the vision of the future of the City for 40 years.    It is now appropriate, and consistent with the policies of the ICSP/MDP that the Westminster Area Redevelopment Plan (WARP) be reviewed and updated as well.

Area Redevelopment Plan

Area Redevelopment Plans (ARPs) are a tool to help manage the changing needs of the older neighbourhoods. ARP's contain policies adopted by City Council. These policies must be considered when decisions are made regarding changing the use of a property (i.e. from a single dwelling to an apartment or business); demolishing a structure and rebuilding something new and improving roadways and public spaces.

The policies are the result of residents and landowners input into the vision and desired outcomes for their neighbourhood.

ARP's are reviewed and can be changed or amended by City Council.

What is an Area Redevelopment Plan?

Why is an Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) valuable for a neighborhood's life cycle?

1. To achieve a vibrant community with the potential of:

2. To support Provincial and Municipal legislation

  • The MGA provides a legal framework to guide the ARP process.
  • The SSRP guides future development and redevelopment in already developed areas.
  • the ICSP/MDP specifies the preparation of ARPs to ensure redevelopment respects the built form and character.


The project is now transitioning into the middle phases of the process, as it shifts towards community engagement and vision development. Details as to how you can get involved will be available below.

Project Timeline?

Project Status

Phase three will consist of creating a Vision for the future of the Westminster Neighbourhood; this task will be completed in collaboration with the WARP Advisory Committee.

This collaborative approach will be used for the remainder of the project as a result of the feedback received at the Community Engagement Session on November 7th and a Public Participation Analysis for this project. These two sources indicated a need for increased collaboration between stakeholders and City staff. This Committee will continue to work closely with City staff for the remainder of the WARP Project.

The Advisory Committee will meet regularly and meeting minutes will be shared on this website.

​​                     WARP Open House
​                     Municipal Government Act (MGA)
​                      Municipal Development Plan (ICSP/MDP)
​Contact Us

Key Contact: Michael Wilk
Community Planner I, Planning & Development Services
Phone: 403-320-4745

Key Contact: Robert McKay
Senior Planner, Planning & Development Services
Phone: 403-320-4041
Business Unit: Planning & Development