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Residential Land

​​​​​ For Sale

The following property is available for sale:

518 - 12 B Street North
Lot 15, Block 152, Plan 406R
Site Size: 25 ft. x 125 ft.
Zoning: R-L
List price:  $74,300
Property Highlights and Details


Real Estate and Land Development is presently developing in three residential subdivisions in west Lethbridge, RiverStone, SunRidge and Crossings, and is in the planning stages for a fourth, Watermark.


Current Inventory of​ Available Lots​

The following table provides a quick summary of lots that are available for purchase.  For details, please view the associated information below for each community.

​Comm​unity - PhaseNumber Available​​Addresses
​Crossings Phase 1Sold Out
​Crossings Phase 2​Sold Out
​Crossings Phase 3​Sold Out
​RiverStone Phase 11Sold Out 
​RiverStone Phase 17Sold Out​
​RiverStone Phase 2228

413 Rivergrove Chase W
405 Rivergrove Chase W
401 Rivergrove Chase W
 393 Rivergorve Chase W
389 Rivergorve Chase W
385 Rivergrove Chase W
381 Rivergrove Chase W
377 Rivergrove Chase W
369 Rivergrove Chase W
353 Rivergrove Chase W
341 Rivergrove Chase W
337 Rivergrove Chase W
313 Rivergrove Chase W
320 Rivergrove Chase W
328 Rivergrove Chase W
15 Rivergrove Lane W
27 Rivergrove Lane W
35 Rivergrove Lane W
39 Rivergrove Lane W
47 Rivergrove Lane W
 34 Rivergrove Run W
30 Rivergrove Run W
26 Rivergrove Run W
22 Rivergrove Run W
18 Rivergrove Run W
14 Rivergrove Run W
10 Rivergrove Run W
6 Rivergrove Run W



Inspired by the natural beauty of southern Alberta's grasslands, RiverStone is a master-planned community dedicated to timeless architecture and family-inspired amenities. RiverStone - a new standard for modern living.


RiverStone Dog Park​​ - NOW OPEN!!!

Dog-Park-Rendering_branded_small.jpgThis newest phase includes a fenced off-leash park for dogs. Located at the southernmost entrance to RiverStone, at the corner of University Drive West and Riverglen Link West, the park is 2.77 acres of which approximately two acres is the fenced off-leash area. There are pathways inside and outside the fenced area. Amenities include play equipment for dogs, water fountains for people and dogs to quench their thirst, accessible seating areas and pathways, doggie bag dispensers and a dedicated parking lot.

This park is now open!  


RiverStone Phase 22 - Lots Available

The RiverStone Phase 22 Public Lot Draw was held on Wednesday, November 16, 2016.  All remaining lots are available on a first come, first served basis with no restriction on the number of lots purchased.

Please note:  As outlined on the Comprehensive Plan the following minimum setbacks have been established for this Phase. These setbacks are not mandatory but allows for flexibility.

Minimum Setbacks - Principal Building
Short Front Setback 4.50 m
Flankage Front Setback 3.0 m (flankage easement along street)
Side Yard 1.2 m     Rear Yard 3.0 m

Minimum Setbacks - Accessory Building
to Principal Building 1.2 m
Side Yard 0.6 m      Rear Yard 0.6 m

Please check back for updates or alternatively, please email to be added to the list for information on the lot draw as it becomes available.​

RiverStone Phase 11 ​​- Sold Out
These lots can be purchased on a first come first served basis from the Real Estate and Land Development Department, 2nd Floor, City Hall.
RiverStone Phase 17 - Sold Out​​
Lot Grading Plan (updated February 6, 2017)

Please note:  As outlined on the Comprehensive Plan the following minimum setbacks have been established for this Phase. These setbacks are not mandatory but allows for flexibility.

Minimum Setbacks - Principal Building
Short Front Setback 4.50 m
Flankage Front Setback 3.0 m (flankage easement along street)
Side Yard 1.2 m     Rear Yard 3.0 m

Minimum Setbacks - Accessory Building
to Principal Building 1.2 m
Side Yard 0.6 m      Rear Yard 0.6 m 

For more information contact / 403 320 3905 or visit
Zoning approved for Riv​erStone Phases 17, 21 and 22 - February 2, 2015 

City Council approved an application to rezone land in the southwest area of RiverStone to allow for the development of the final three phases of the neighbourhood. The land was rezoned to include four land-use classifications: 

1.  Comprehensively Planned Low Density Residential (R-CL) which allows single detached dwellings

2.  Comprehensively Planned Medium Density Residential (R-CM) which allows primarily single detached, two-unit, and small-scale multi-unit dwellings (max. 4 units)

3.  Mixed Density Residential (R-M) which encourages a mix of residential dwelling types such as single detached, two-unit, townhouse and secondary suites

4. Park and Recreation (P-R)

 Bylaw 5903-Rezoning Phases 17, 21 and 22 MAP

RiverSto​​ne Builder Group
As Lethbridge's premier residential community, our RiverStone builders are defined by their accomplishment and vision. Each has a proven track record of designing and building elegant homes of quality, thoughtful design and enduring value.  Feel free to contact either of our builders for the opportunity to live in RiverStone.

Watermark (formerly Waterbridge)

Watermark Web-Banner.jpg 

An outline plan is currently being prepared for a new west Lethbridge community.  Located south of Copperwood and west of Varsity Village, Mountain Heights and Sunridge, Watermark will be home to an elaborate park system with a network of pathways, commercial space, a mix of residential housing and the new Lethbridge School District #51 middle school.   


Watermark Middle School - Under Construction

A new middle school is currently under construction in the new subdivision of Watermark. 

Lethbridge Public School District #51 Watermark School Information

Sports Fields & School Grounds Conceptual Design


Watermark Park Canada 150 Urban Forest


To commemorate Canada's 150th birthday, we will be planting 150 trees in the new park at Watermark and we are inviting the community to help us out with this endeavor.  Beginning on National Arbor Day, April 28, 2017, we will be asking the individuals, families or businesses to purchase a tree for this urban forest for $150.  The money collected from the sale of the trees will go directly to the City of Lethbridge Recreation & Culture Fee Assistance Program.  This program was established to help citizens who face financial barriers access recreational and cultural opportunities.  When all of the trees are sold and the park is constructed, a monument will be placed in the park naming all of the generous donors.

To find out more about this program, or to purchase a tree, visit

Public Open House

A public house was held on March 30th, 2017 to provide information on the middle school design, the future fire station location and to show off design drawings of the school ground amenities including:

  • a mini skateboard park
  • a BMX pump track
  • a bikeway/pathway network
  • outdoor fitness equipment
  • rock climbing boulders
  • baseball and soccer fields
  • basketball courts

Missed the open house?  View the information below.

Open House Display Boards



There's a new lifestyle option in Lethbridge - and it's called Crossings. Lethbridge Land's latest community development located in the heart of west Lethbridge. 
The Crossings residential development has been conceived to create the opportunity for diversity in home design and support character correct design.
The development will occur on a phased basis with approximately 950 lots completed over a 14 year period.
This single family residential development will see four different architectural styles consisting of Prairie, Modern, Shingle and Tudor.
​Crossings Phase 3 - Sold Out
The Public Lot Draw was held Wednesday, September 21, 2016.  All lots have been sold. 

Lot Grading Plan

Crossings Ph​ase 2 - Sold Out
Public Lot Draw was held Tuesday, May 12, 2015. All lots have been sold.

Please note:  A waiver has been approved to allow for a 197 in. (5000 mm) front setback for all lots in Phase 2.  This is not mandatory but allows for flexibility.

Crossings Build​​er Group
Lethbridge Land is very selective when it comes to choosing builders in any of our communities. As Lethbridge's first urban-village community development, the builders we selected are defined not only by their proven track record of excellence in design and environmental sustainability, but also by their vision.
The three builders selected to be the builder group for Crossings are:
Show Homes to Tour
Regular Show Home hours:
Monday - Thursday 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Saturday - Sunday 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Closed Fridays and Christmas and New Year's Period
For more information contact / 403 320 3905 or visit    



 Living in SunRidge closes the gap between good intentions and greener living.  Every element of this community is designed to promote sustainability, moving us one step closer to a greener future. 

All phases have been released and all lots have been sold.