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2016 Community Capital Project Grants Awarded

City Council today approved over $740,000 in funding for eight community groups as part of the 2016 Community Capital Project Grant (CCPG) program.

The CCPG assists community non-profit organizations to expand or upgrade their community-use facilities. The grants are awarded on a one-third basis, subject to the recipients securing the remaining two-thirds funding from other sources.

"CCPG funding is an important way to support our community groups," says Mayor Chris Spearman. "By partnering with them on a one-third basis we can give them a solid base towards reaching their fundraising goals. The City's CCPG grant plants a seed for generating other project funding and in total, this year's projects will create an investment of over $2.35 million in our community."

This year's grant recipients include:

  • Lethbridge YMCA renovations  - $143,602.00
  • Lethbridge Family Services renovations and upgrades - $148,995.33
  • Lethbridge Speed Skating Association retrofit - $6,861.66
  • Lakeview Community Park Society of Lethbridge playground replacement - $169,504.92
  • The Ecole Agnes Davidson School Parent Fundraising Association playground replacement - $200,000.00
  • The Southern Alberta Self-Help Association renovations - $56,844.55
  • The Lethbridge and District Japanese Garden Society study plan for new building - $7,650.00
  • Lethbridge Columbus Club renovations - $6,726.00

"We have a great mix of community groups receiving funding this year," says Councillor Liz Iwaskiw. "There are social groups, culture, recreation, parks and housing projects. That means, this money will help a large and diverse portion of our community."

The City of Lethbridge has provided annual Community Capital Project grant funding since 2004. Applicants are eligible to apply every two years with a maximum of $200,000 awarded per project.

Planning assistance projects are also eligible for a maximum of $15,000 per project.

The 2017 applications will be available on the City website in late 2016, with a deadline of April 28, 2017.  A grant information session will be scheduled once the applications are available to provide information on this and other City grants available to non-profit groups.

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