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Change your clock, change your battery

​The City of Lethbridge Fire & Emergency Services encourages residents to change their smoke alarm batteries when they turn their clocks back this weekend.

In Alberta, Daylight Savings Time will officially end this Sunday, November 6. Resetting clocks is an excellent reminder to residents to also check their smoke alarm batteries.  

A working smoke alarm is your best tool for surviving a fire. Lethbridge firefighters have responded more than 40 times this year to calls where the potential of injury or damage was reduced because of a working smoke detector.

With this extra hour, now is also a good time to clean your smoke alarm and make sure it works. If your smoke alarm is more than 10 years old, you should replace it. Test your smoke alarms monthly, and ensure everyone in your household knows what they sound like.

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For more information contact: 
Mark Hoveling
Fire Prevention Officer