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Council Highlights August 22, 2016


Driving forward with west Lethbridge road construction

Lethbridge City Council voted 8-1 in favour of moving forward with vital road improvements in west Lethbridge. This work has been advanced by approximately five years to improve safety and access for residents. This fast tracked plan will include the widening of Whoop-Up Drive and the completion of sections of Metis Trail beginning in 2017. The plan takes advantage of the current low interest rates and competitive construction pricing and avoids future inflation costs.

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How Council Voted

Resolution In Favour Opposed

That the current Capital Improvement Program (CIP) be amended to move forward the expansion of Whoop-Up Drive  from two lanes to four lanes between McMaster Blvd/Jerry Potts Blvd to 30 Street West as well as the completion of the first two lanes of Metis Trail between Walsh Drive and Whoop-Up Drive West to 2017.

That a financing strategy using internal reserves and borrowing be approved to finance the project.

J. Carlson
J. Coffman
B. Hyggen
L. Iwaskiw
B. Mearns
R. Miyashiro
R. Parker
C. Spearman
J. Mauro
Absent: None