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Province-wide Elm Pruning Ban Begins April 1st

To prevent the spread of Dutch Elm Disease (DED), a province-wide pruning ban for all species of elm trees is in effect from April 1 to September 30. Pruning elm trees during this time exposes wounds that could provide entry sites for Elm Bark Beetles, a carrier of the DED fungus.

Provincial regulations prohibit the storage, sale, or transport of elm wood. For more information on DED click here.

Watch for symptoms of Dutch Elm Disease on elm trees in your neighborhood. Elm trees infected last season may not leaf out this spring. From mid-June through July the leaves on infected trees will wilt, curl up and turn brown. Leaves on trees infected late in the season will turn yellow and drop prematurely.

If you notice any elm trees displaying these symptoms please call the City of Lethbridge Dutch Elm Disease Hotline: 403 320 3075 or the Provincial Hotline: 1 877 837 ELMS (3567).

For More Information Contact:
Lindsay Bell, Urban Forestry Technician
403 315 1193