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Employee of the Month for April 2016

​Employee of the Month April 2016.jpgAhmed Ali, Lee Perkins, Naftali Kiboya and Craig Richter are nominated for researching the available technology and installing both a Road Weather Information Station (RWIS) and LED variable speed limit signs in the river valley portion of Whoop-Up Drive. The RWIS monitors the weather forecasts and the LED signs can instantly reduce the 90 km/hr. speed limit through a computer link in inclement weather situations.

  • This RWIS notifies our maintenance workers when roadway conditions become hazardous for vehicles. Weather forecasts are continuous on Whoop Up Drive in both the Eastbound Direction and Westbound direction on both the bridge deck surface as well as the asphalt abutments.
  • The LED signs eliminate the need to have field crews on the road bagging 90 km/hr. speed limit signs during a storm event.
  • These innovations have improved safety for both maintenance staff and the travelling public who use Whoop-Up Drive during storms
  • These innovations were completed very economically with the initial cost estimates in the range of $600,000 while the actual cost was in the range of $300,000.
  • The out box thinking of these employees has and will reduce the number and severity of vehicle collisions and accidents during storm events on Whoop-up Drive.

Great Job everyone, and thank you for your work for the corporation and the community.