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Employee of the Month - December 2016

​A man came into City Hall and shared the following story with a staff member in Development Services in November 2016.  He said that a City of Lethbridge employee, Dave Henley, had knocked on his car window the day before because he was parked in an employee's parking spot.  The man told Dave that he was homeless and couldn't find anywhere to live as he had a bird and no references to get a place.  Instead of making him move his car, Dave let the man continue to park in the spot for the night and allowed him to plug in his car so the man and bird could stay warm. He also gave the man $20 of his own money for gas. Before Dave left, he encouraged the man to come inside City Hall the next day so he could connect him with the right people and programs that could help him find a place to live.

Dave was not in the office when this man came back to City Hall, but another staff member stayed with him until a manager connected the man with people who could help him find housing.

We would like to nominate Dave Henley for going beyond his job of enforcing parking rules. He showed compassion towards a man in need and out of the goodness of his heart, gave the man money from his own pocket to help him out. Dave also tried to help the man's housing situation by advising him to come to City Hall for support.