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Employee of the Month for February 2016

​IanHainesPicture.jpgOn a Sunday, Ian and his wife were walking their dog at the Peenaquim Park Dog Run next to the gun range. As they were approaching the river bank, they heard a lady scream that her dog had gone through the ice. Ian ran over to see a golden springer spaniel half immersed in the ice 25 feet out.

While his wife was trying to console the lady. Ian looked around for something to help him get to the dog, but there wasn't anything handy. He took off his coat, dropped all his personal belongings on the bank and went in. To get to the dog he had to break the ice with his fists but when he got 10 feet away, he was up to neck in freezing cold water and couldn't get any closer. Ian called to the dog to encourage it to move towards him, so he could get hold of its collar and assist the dog to the embankment.

Ian climbed out and helped the dog up to its owner where Ian's wife wrapped the dog in a sweater and rubbed its legs to help with circulation.

Ian, your courage is admirable as is your selflessness in risking your own safety to help. Thank you.