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Employee of the Month for March 2016

KevinDraderWadePopson.jpgHeather Jones, who works for the Livingstone Range School Division as a spare bus driver, would like to nominate Kevin Drader and Wade Popson who stopped to help fix her rear view mirror on February 9th.

When driving in from Nanton to drop off a bus load of kids at the Galt Museum, the rear view mirror on the handicapped bus she was driving broke.  Not able to switch out buses, and needing the mirror to navigate through the City, she really didn't know how to rectify this.

Two young men who happened to just finish fixing a door at the Galt Museum walked by, so Ms. Jones stopped them and asked if they could help her and if one of them had any "MacGyver" skills. That's when Kevin and Wade stepped forward and being the resourceful guys they are built a bracket to fix the mirror.


Heather wanted to thank you guys, she said you understand the meaning of "it takes a village…" You make your city shine, just by being there!!!!

Kevin and Wade, you are wonderful ambassadors for Facility Services and the City!