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New funding to prevent and end homelessness

​An additional $248,169 per year for next two years has been allocated to local organizations to help prevent and end homelessness in Lethbridge. This federal funding was received through the Homelessness Partnering Strategy.

Acting on the recommendation of the City's Social Housing in Action (SHIA) Committee and the Community Leader's Council, City Council approved the allocation of these funds to support:

  • YWCA Transition & Outreach and the Residential Supports Program
  • HomeBASE Mobile Outreach Team
  • Demonstration Project to initiate Meaningful Daily Activity programming and Cultural Connectedness

These programs were selected to receive funding based on the guiding principles within the 'Bringing Lethbridge Home', the community plan to prevent and end homelessness.

"We are fortunate to have this additional funding available to our community that will support the important work outlined in our Bringing Lethbridge Home plan," says Mayor Chris Spearman.

These funds are designated to support the city as a whole as well as provide specific initiatives for the Indigenous community. Some of the work will include providing housing for women and children fleeing violence and the creation of a new project to connect Indigenous people with their traditions and culture.

"The organizations receiving this funding are well rooted in our community," says Councillor Ryan Parker a member of the SHIA committee. "We know they are positioned to use this additional funding in an effective and impactful way that is aligned with our overarching plan to end homelessness in Lethbridge."

The Homelessness Partnering Strategy is an initiative of the federal government that provides direct funding to communities across Canada to support their efforts in addressing local needs and specific homelessness priorities.

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