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Heart of Our City 2017 Activity Grant Recipients

​The Heart of Our City Committee announced today that it has awarded $120,000 in Heart of Our City Activity Grants to 23 events to be held during 2017 in downtown Lethbridge.

These events include a variety of music, arts and cultural festivals as well as seasonal celebrations that will attract audiences and participants to downtown Lethbridge. These include 14 multiple-day events and nine single-day events which will occur over a total of 92 days. There will be events every month of the year in 2017, which are expected to attract more than 60,000 attendees to downtown Lethbridge.

"We're pleased and proud to provide financial help on behalf of the City of Lethbridge to a really great array of events that will help achieve City Council's goal of enhancing the vibrancy of our downtown," says Mark Bellamy, chairperson of the Heart of Our City Committee.

The Heart of Our City Activity Grant provides funding support to help Lethbridge organizations host events that foster an exciting, vibrant downtown and attract audiences to the Heart of Our City.  The criteria for application and approval of the Heart of Our City Activity Grant were established by the Heart of Our City Committee, which is a standing committee of City Council.            

The deadline for applications for 2017 grants was October 31, 2016. Applications were assessed for merit, and grants have been awarded by the Heart of Our City Committee in consultation with the City's Community Services department, the Office of the City Clerk and a citizen member at large. 

Details on the events receiving  Activity Grant funding in 2017 are available here.

Media Contact:
George Kuhl, Planning Initiatives Manager