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City foster inclusion and diversity among employees

​The City of Lethbridge is taking a leadership role in creating a more welcoming community by integrating diversity and inclusion strategies with employees.

In February 2014, City Council passed a resolution asking City staff to develop ways to be a more inclusive employer. Today, City administration presented an update of the work completed and how it will continue to move forward.

"We've heard some great ideas today that will help the City of Lethbridge lead the way in being an inclusive employer," says Mayor Chris Spearman. "I'm thrilled to see the effort and focus placed on this important work."

To date, the City has provided training opportunities to staff, reviewed and updated policies and procedures, gathered information internally and looked at best practices from other organizations in the area of diversity and inclusion.

One of the next steps will be the introduction of a self-identification survey for employees. These findings will help the City better understand the diversity within its workforce and to develop strategies based on these results.

One of City Council's strategic goals is to foster a safe, healthy and vibrant community through inclusive policies, recreational and cultural opportunities and collaboration. Embedding these values in the culture of the City of Lethbridge, one of the community's major employers, will help build a more accepting home for all residents.

"There is a lot of expertise within the City of Lethbridge in this area. Our Community and Social Development team is working with our community to be more inclusive so it makes good sense to use that experience within the corporation as well," says Mayor Spearman.

This work aligns with Building Bridges, a 10-year plan to create a welcoming and inclusive Lethbridge. Building Bridges is a community-wide plan developed by the Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination (CMARD) in 2011.


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