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Mayor Comments-StatsCan 2016 Census

​February 8, 2017

Following are comments from Lethbridge Mayor Chris Spearman regarding today's release by Statistics Canada of the key results from the 2016 Census regarding population size and growth in Canada: 

The fact that Lethbridge has been one of the five fastest growing census metropolitan areas in Canada the past five years speaks well to the diversity and stability of our local and regional economy.

Population growth in Lethbridge from 2011-2016 was slightly more than double the national average (10.8% vs 5.0%).

Lethbridge is historically a very stable community in terms of growth. In a good year, we typically see about two-per-cent population growth, and in a bad year we also see about two-per-cent population growth, so that is a good indicator of the stability of our local economy.

While much of our province has felt the effects of the recent economic downturn, Lethbridge has been largely shielded, so that also is a strong indication of our economic diversity and stability.

A diverse, stable economy is attractive to investors, and I think these StatsCan numbers bear out what we have seen in Lethbridge in recent years in terms of growth and investment in our community.