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Save by Prepaying 2017 Property Taxes

​Property owners who are not already enrolled in the City's convenient monthly Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) can still receive a discount on their total 2017 property tax bill by paying some or all of their taxes early.

All payments that property owners make toward their 2017 property taxes in January or February 2017, will result in a discount when 2017 tax bills are issued in May 2017. This discount will be equivalent to earning interest at one per cent per year from the date of payment to June 30, 2017. Prepayment amounts cannot exceed the total property tax bill for the preceding year.

Residents can make payments in person at City Hall, by mail or by depositing payments in the night deposit box at City Hall. Online banking is also available for payment of property taxes. The earlier that prepayments are received, the greater the credit applied to the property owner's 2017 tax account. The City is still accepting enrollment into the monthly tax installment payment plan as well.

More information is available here.​

Media Contact:
Larry Laverty
Assessment and Taxation Manager
City of Lethbridge