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Scenic Dr N Pathway Modifications

​The first phase of pathway construction has been completed along Scenic Drive North, between downtown and 9 Avenue North will be open to public use starting Aug. 31 at 10 a.m.

We are awaiting necessary provincial approvals to proceed with the next phase which includes upgrades to the Highway 3 and 5 Avenue North overpasses to ensure the safety of all pathway users. These upgrades will include widening the sidewalks, and installing higher railings, and installing concrete barriers between the sidewalks and vehicle traffic.

In the interim, cyclists using this new pathway are advised to dismount and cross these overpasses on foot, for their safety, using the existing pedestrian walkways. Signage to this effect is posted at both overpasses.

This new multi-use asphalt pathway completes a missing link in the city's pathway network between north and south Lethbridge. This project also includes a new pedestrian crosswalk with flashing lights at the Scenic Drive off-ramp to westbound 5 Avenue North. It is one of four pathway projects undertaken this year to improve connectivity and fill gaps in the city's pathway network. Details on these projects are available at:

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Richard Brummund