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Have you participated in the Saint-Laurent exchange?

​In 2017 the City of Lethbridge and Saint-Laurent, Quebec will be celebrating 50 years as twin cities. Part of this partnership includes citizen exchanges each year. Reconnecting with past Saint-Laurent exchange participants is an important piece of the celebration planning underway to recognize 50 years of friendship.

If you or someone you know has participated in the citizen exchange program with Saint-Laurent, you are encouraged to email and provide your contact information. You will be included in exciting celebration events in the coming year.

Since 1967, approximately 300 Lethbridge residents have travelled to Saint-Laurent to experience the landscape and culture of Quebec. Likewise, 300 Saint-Laurent citizens have come to Lethbridge to learn about southern Alberta. Each year the exchange alternates between students and senior citizens.

The Lethbridge/Saint-Laurent twinning relationship was formed as part of Canada's centennial project to promote cultural and social relationships between eastern and western Canada.

Media Contact: 
Kristen Schindel, Saint-Laurent Exchange Coordinator
Phone: 403-329-7327