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Utility Bill Scam

We have received reports from utility customers who have been contacted recently by someone claiming to be a City of Lethbridge utility representative. The caller states that the customer’s account is overdue and will be disconnected. The caller goes on to state that the only way to make payment is to purchase a prepaid debit/credit card at a local retailer. The City of Lethbridge utility department does not contact customers in this manner and does not accept payment via prepaid cards.

If your utility account ever does fall into arrears, the City of Lethbridge will mail you a written notice. We will then hand deliver a warning notice before taking any disconnect action. If you have received such a call, we urge you to contact the Lethbridge Police Service or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. If you are ever contacted by a third-party collections agency, you have the right to request proof of the debt.

For more information on potential scams and what to do if you encounter one, visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website. For account inquiries please call Utility Customer Care at 403 320 3111.