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Public Art

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It is the policy of the City of Lethbridge to support the acquisition of public art, which is a vital ingredient in the cultural fabric of Lethbridge. Public art builds a visually rich environment, plays a role in attracting creative businesses and workers to our city, provides arts opportunities that are freely accessible to all, and encourages the growth of a culturally-informed public. Public art creates a distinct and vibrant legacy for the citizens of Lethbridge.



2009 - A Departure

 (Ilan Sandler)

Lethbridge adopted its Public Art Policy in 2007 as a framework to direct the acquisition of public art, the public art governance structure, and the management of public art collections. Funding is provided from 1% of Community Services capital projects as outlined in each Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The Policy also established the Lethbridge Public Art Committee as an advisory body to guide the further development of policies and guidelines, including the Public Art Master Plan.

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                                                                                       2011-2012 Signal                                                                                                    (Douglas Senft)



 2010/2011 – Aeolian Aviary (Catherine Ross & Denton Frederickson)


For information on Public Art - Small Projects, please refer to the two documents below.  For more information please contact Jillian Bracken.

Public Art - Small Projects 2018 Backgrounder

Public Art - Small Projects 2018 Application