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Basketball Courts

Looking to play some hoops? The City of Lethbridge has over 35 drop-in outdoor basketball courts available for public use. Have a look through the list below to find the court nearest you. 



North Side Basketball Courts

​Park Name ​Location
Galbraith School Park ​1801 - 8th Avenue South
Georgetown Park 4300 - 11th Street South​
Immanual Christian School Park ​2010 - 5th Avenue North
Immanual Christian High School Park​ ​802 - 6th Avenue North
Jock Palmer Park 523 - 23rd Street North​
Lethbridge Christian School Park ​3 James Blvd North
Norbridge Lions Park 1502 - 13th Avenue North​
Park Meadows School Park ​50 Meadowlark Blvd North
Rideau Park ​739 - 20th Street North
Senator Buchanan School Park ​1101 - 7th Avenue North
Staffordville Playground 759 - 10th Street North
St. Paul's School Park ​1212 - 12th Avenue North
Westminister School Park ​402 - 18th Street North
Wilson Middle School Park ​2003 - 9th Avenue North



South Side Basketball Courts

​Park Name ​Location
20th Avenue Green Strip (Lions Playground) 2402 - 19th Avenue South​
Agnes Davidson School Park ​2103 - 20th Street South
Catholic Central School Park ​405 - 18th Street South
Ecole La Verendrye Park 2104 - 6th Avenue South
Fleetwood Bawden School Park ​1222 - 9th Avenue South
General Stewart School Park ​215 Corvette Crescent South
Gilbert Patterson School Park ​2109 - 12th Avenue South
Kinsmen Park 1009 - 9th Avenue South​
Lakeview Green Strip North ​1166 Glacier Drive South
Lakeview School Park ​1129 Henderson Lake Blvd South
Our Lady of Assumption School Park ​2219 - 14th Avenue South
Scenic Heights Park ​1608 Scenic Heights South 



West Side Basketball Courts

Park Name​ ​Location
Algonquin Park ​80 Algonquin Road West
Children of St. Martha's School Park ​206 McMaster Blvd West
Crossings Park 259 Britannia Blvd West​
Father Leonard Van Tighem School Park ​25 Stoney Crescent West
Gerald Probe School Park ​120 Rocky Mountain Blvd West
G.S. Lakie School Park ​50 Blackfoot Blvd West
Laval Park ​176 Laval Blvd West
Mike Mountain Horse School Park ​155 Jerry Potts Blvd West
Nicholas Sheran School Park ​380 Laval Blvd West
Sheridan Park ​925 Columbia Blvd West
St. Patrick's Fine Arts School Park ​80 Rivergreen Road West