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History of Lethbridge Communities in Bloom

Lethbridge was one of the founding members of the Communities in Bloom Program in 1995.  With strong support from the City Council and its many volunteers, the Committee has played an important role in improving the quality of life in Lethbridge, through the organization of many events in the community.  Since this time, the City of Lethbridge has been recognized as National Champion, hosted the National Awards Ceremony and Symposium and has received numerous special category awards.


Winner – Tree Canada Urban Forestry Criteria Award

In 100 years, Lethbridge has evolved from a tree-less prairie to a forest of trees.  Every tree, with the exception of native poplars along the river valley, has been planted, watered, and cared for by residents of this lovely city.  Diversification of tree species helps protect the urban forest from large scale losses due to insect and disease issues.  The micro climate allows for a wide variety of woody ornamentals from zone 2 to zone 4 which adds greatly to the aesthetic value of the community.  While still a relatively young community, several trees have been identified and registered as Alberta Heritage Trees due to age, unique species or neighborhood icons.

With an active plan for growth and maintenance, Lethbridge will enjoy a healthy urban forest for generations to come.

Special Recognition Award – Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden “Tree Maintenance Influence”

Review the Judges Evaluation for 2009: 2009 Judges Evaluation