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​​River Safety

The City of Lethbridge is reminding residents to:

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When emergency situations arise, the Lethbridge Fire Department:

  • is highly trained in various areas of rescue or recovery
  • operates an Aquatic Rescue team
  • specially trained in swift water, weir, shore, boat and ice rescue
  • owns boats, weir rescue deck, ice rescue platform and dive equipment
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For more information about swimming and water safety from the Red Cross click here!


Lethbridge is home to prairie rattlesnakes which means that residents may encounter them when exploring our coulees or occasionally in urban areas. The majority of rattlesnake sightings are in west Lethbridge although snakes have been observed in the coulee areas on the east side of the Oldman River.
It is illegal to kill rattlesnakes, possess rattlesnakes or their parts, or damage denning areas. There are significant charges and fines for killing a rattlesnake in Alberta.

Click here for more information about Living with Rattlesnakes.
If you require a rattlesnake to be relocated, please contact the following:
  • Call City of Lethbridge Rattlesnake Consultant: 403 332 6806 (phone number offline for the winter)
  • Alberta Fish and Wildlife: 403 381 5266 or 1 800 642 3800
Attempts will be made to respond quickly to calls requesting rattlesnake removals. We also ask that you promptly report any rattlesnakes you observe in Lethbridge even if they are not a problem.

To report rattlesnake sightings, please contact the Helen Schuler Nature Centre at 403 320 3064. We appreciate your help!
Efforts will be made to capture and remove all rattlesnakes from urban and recreational areas. Captured rattlesnakes will be relocated to more secure habitat where human/snake conflicts will be minimized. This is viewed as a long-term solution to human/snake conflicts in Lethbridge’s residential and recreational areas.