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Pathway & Sidewalk Snow Removal

The City of Lethbridge clears 200 kms of sidewalks and pathways within the city. These sidewalks and pathways are cleared on a priority system.

Please click here for a map of sidewalks and pathways that the City clears along with their priority rating. The priority categories are:

Priority 1 cleared within 24 hours after a snow event* 
City-owned buildings such as the Lethbridge Public Library (downtown and Crossings branches), the Galt Museum, Lethbridge Transit terminals (downtown and north Lethbridge), Lethbridge Police Service headquarters, City Hall, downtown Fire/EMS headquarters

Priority 2 -  cleared within 48 hours after a snow event* 
City sidewalks surrounding school grounds (sports fields and playgrounds) as well as regional parks such as Henderson Park, Nicholas Sheran Park and Legacy Park, when it opens.
Note: School districts clear city sidewalks fronting school buildings and within school sites

Priority 3 - cleared within 72 hours after a snow event*
Community core parks** and regional trails that connect areas of the city to each other, such as those along Scenic Drive (North and South), Whoop-Up Drive, University Drive, Mayor Magrath Drive South, 26 Avenue North and 28 Street North.
**Community Core Parks are large core parks designed to meet the needs of a larger community area. They permit large group activities or formal gatherings, community events and temporary festival spaces. Examples: Chinook Lake Park, Fairmont Lake Park, and West Highlands Park.

Priority 4 - cleared within 96 hours after a snow event*
Neighbourhood sidewalks that don't front residential or commercial properties.
Note: Residents are responsible for clearing city sidewalks that border their property.

*A snow event includes a new snowfall or drifting snow. With each new event, snow clearing restarts with Priority 1 areas.
If snow events occur within a few days of each, there may be delays in the clearing of Priority 2, 3 or 4 sidewalks and pathways.
Our operators are courteous and safety minded but you can help us by staying clear of snow removal equipment as winter conditions bring poor visibility.


Where does snow clearing not occur?

  • Limestone and shale trails are not cleared to avoid scraping gravel off the trails.
  • Public walkways that typically run between houses are not cleared because vehicle access may be restricted and because the grading of these areas doesn't lend itself well to plowing: thaw/freeze cycles could create ice hazards.
  • Pathways in small neighbourhood parks are not cleared. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a snow event?
A snow event can include a new snowfall or drifting snow that accumulates on the city's sidewalks or pathways.
When do crews clear snow from sidewalks and pathways?
Our sidewalk and pathway snow removal crews work 7 days a week and start at 6 a.m. to maintain safe pathways and sidewalks for you.
Who is responsible for clearing snow around schools?
Our crews remove snow from all green space areas around schools. The schools are responsible for snow and ice control in front of schools and near their entrances.
Who is responsible for snow removal adjacent to private property?
Residents and business owners are responsible for snow removal adjacent to their property. We ask that you shovel any snow onto the boulevard to keep Lethbridge on the move.
Does the City of Lethbridge supply sand for icy sidewalks?
Yes, the City of Lethbridge does supply sand for icy sidewalks. Public sand can be found near the corner of 4 Avenue North and 7 Street North and at the West Lethbridge Recycling Station - please bring your own bucket and shovel.
Does the City monitor sidewalks and pathways after snowfalls?
In addition to snow removal, crews also do snow and ice checks to ensure that pathways and sidewalks remain safe during freeze/thaw cycles.
What equipment does the City have to clear sidewalks and pathways?
  • 6 - 72-inch snow plows equpped with plow blades or rotary brushes
  • 2 - snowblower attachements
  • 6 UTVs (Utility Terrain Vehicles) equipped with plow blades & sanders
  • 3 skid steers that can be equipped with a plow blade, bucket or snowblower
  • 1 small tractor with plow blade
Need to contact us? Call 403 320 3850 or email