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Pets and Wildlife

​​​​Leth​bridge Wildlife and the Nature Centre​

Lethbridge is home to many interesting animals that you may encounter while living here.  It is not uncommon to see deer, porcupines, skunks, marmots and western painted turtles!   A variety of seasonal birds including pelicans and brown thrashers, complement the year-round resident birds.  Throughout the year Lethbridge is home to more than 300 species of birds!  To learn more about Lethbridge's wild things visit the Helen Schuler Nature Centre's website

To have a rattlesnake relocated from an urban area, please call 403-332-6806
(Phone number isn't operational during winter months while snakes are hibernating).  

Lethbridge Animal She​lter and Lethbridge Pets

Many Lethbridge residents also own dogs, cats and other animals. The City of Lethbridge Animal Shelter houses dogs and cats available for adoption and also helps to return your pet to you if he or she is lost. ​​



Animal Welfare Committee

The Animal Welfare Committee acts as an advisory committee to City Council on issues relating to animal welfare in the City of Lethbridge.  They also oversee a grant for non-veterinary assistance for animal rescue organizations.