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Preventing False Fire Alarms

Working Together to Eliminate False Fire Alarms

On average we respond to one false fire alarm call per day.  False alarms increase the chance of having a fire fighter and their equipment unavailable for a real emergency.

A fee will be assessed for repeated false alarms within a calendar year:

  • 1st False Alarm - No Charge
  • 2nd False Alarm - $75.00
  • 3rd False Alarm - $350.00
  • 4th False Alarm - $675.00 

Follow these guidelines to prevent false alarms:

  • Have your fire alarm tested yearly by a certified company
  • When fire alarm system fails have it repaired immediately
  • Regular maintenance of your fire alarm
  • Check sprinkler heads to ensure they are free from damage, corrosion, grease or paint
  • Notify the fire department / monitoring company during construction and renovation
  • Kitchen systems should be tested every 6 months