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New Deputy Fire Chief Appointed

Fire Chief Richard Hildebrand is pleased to announce the appointment of Marc Rathwell as Deputy Chief of Fire & EMS Operations.

Marc joined Lethbridge Fire & EMS in May 1996 as a Paramedic/Firefighter and occasional Dispatcher. During his 20 years with the department, Marc has been an active member of Fire/EMS committees and teams including the Recruiting Committee, the EMS Committee, the Water Rescue Team and the Critical Incident Stress Debrief Teams. In addition, Marc has been an active member of the International Association of Fire Fighters, working as a trustee on several Platoons and leading the IAFF Local 237 Scholarship award committee.

Marc served as Medical Training Officer from 2009-2012 and was part of the EMS transition in which all staff were trained in Alberta Health Services medical control protocols. Since then he has served as Captain. He is excited to take on new challenges as Deputy Chief of Fire & EMS Operations.


Fire Prevention Tips

  • Never leave food unattended when cooking on the stove top. If a fire occurs do not use water. Smother it with a lid, use baking soda, or use your home fire extinguisher. 
  • Never leave burning candles unattended
  • Candles need to be placed on a wide non-combustible base
  • When cooking on the stove top always be in the kitchen
  • Check your heating appliances.  They should be cleaned and inspected annually to prevent fire and deadly gas in your home.
  • Make sure space heaters are a least 1 meter away from all combustibles

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