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Assessment Review Board Forms

Complaint Form
As per the new legislation that came into force on January 1, 2010, new complaint forms have been created by the Province of Alberta and are standardized forms across the province which must be used when filing an assessment complaint.
Government of Alberta Assessment Board Complaint Form
Agent Authorization Form
A Tax Agent may not file a complaint or act for an assessed person or taxpayer at a hearing unless  the assessed person or taxpayer has prepared and filed with the Clerk or Administrator an Assessment Complaints Agent Authorization Form.
Government of Alberta Assessment Complaints Agent Authorization Form
Withdrawal Complaint Form
If a complainant withdraws their complaint on agreement with the Assessor, the complainant must notify the Assessment Review Board (ARB) Clerk of their intention to withdraw by completing the Withdrawal Form.   Notice of withdrawal must be received three (3) business days prior to the hearing date in order for the ARB Clerk to refund complaint fees. 
Withdrawal Form
The filing fee will only be refunded when there is a change made to the issue under complaint.  The refund will be issued to the name of the applicant or company that filed the initial complaint.
Correction of Assessment Form
This is to confirm that agreement on the recommended assessment value, as described above, has been reached between the Assessment & Taxation Department and the Owner/Owner’s Agent and that this amount is fair and equitable.  As a result of this agreement a complaint will not be filed to the Assessment Review Board. If a complaint has previously been filed, the complaint will be automatically be withdrawn, without further authorization, provided that the City of Lethbridge changes its assessment and tax roll accordingly.
Contact Information:
Wendy Smith, ARB Clerk
Telephone:  403 320 3030