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Forms, Documents, and Other Information

Forms & Documents

Changes, updates, and requests can be made using a number of forms.

Assessment Forms:

  1. Answers Brochure
  2. Multi-Family Request for Information Form
  3. Non-Residential Lease Survey Form
  4. Request for Comparable Information Form

Taxation Forms: 

  1. TIPP Application Form
  2. TIPP Cancellation Form
  3. School Declaration Form
  4. Change Mailing Address Form
  5. Declaration of Manufactured Home Ownership
  6. Property Tax Exemption Application Form


  1. Answers Brochure
  2. TIPP Information Brochure
  3. Local Improvement Brochure
  4. Education Property Tax Brochure
  5. Property Tax Deferral Program Brochure (for seniors)
  6. Checklist for Residents Buying a House in Lethbridge
  7. Checklist for Residents Selling a House in Lethbridge

Important Dates

July 1, 2016​ Assessments for 2017 tax year are based on the value your property would likely have sold for on the open real estate market as of this date. ​
December 31, 2016​ Any changes in physical condition of your property as of this date are factored into your property assessment.​
January 5, 2017 2017 Assessment Notices for income producing properties are mailed. ​
March 6, 2017 Assessment Review Board (ARB) complaint deadline for income producing properties.
May, 2017 City Council finalizes Provincial education, Green Acres and Municipal property tax rates.​
May 17, 2017​ Combined 2017 Assessment and Tax Notices for single family residential and 2017 Tax Notices for income producing property are mailed.​
May, 2017 Commencement of ARB hearings for income producing properties.
June 30, 2017​ Deadline to pay property taxes.​
July 18, 2017 ARB complaint deadline for single family residential properties.​
September, 2017 Commencement of ARB hearings for single family residential properties.
Contact Information for Assessment & Taxation
​Address: City Hall, First Floor,
910 - 4th Avenue South
Lethbridge, Alberta
T1J 0P6​
Telephone:​ 403-320-3950
Fax:​ 403-320-4956

Tax E-mail:

Assessment E-mail:​

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