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Income Producing Properties


Income producing properties include multi-family residential properties with four (4) or more units, as well as commercial and industrial real estate that are prepared using the income approach to value.


  1. Your City mails a split assessment and tax notice for commercial, industrial, and residential rental (4 units or more) properties. The separate assessment notice will be mailed in January with the tax notice following in May.
  2. You have a 60 day review period between the mailing of your assessment notice and the date complaints are due. Use this time to review with an assessor how your assessment was determined. If there is an error in the assessment data, the assessor can amend your assessment before you file a complaint.
  3. If, after meeting with the assessor, there is still a disagreement with the assessed value or classification, you may file a complaint to the Assessment Review Board. A legislated standard complaint form can be found here. Ensure you provide complete information on your form and your fee is included with the complaint. The deadline for filing complaints is outlined on your assessment notice.
  4. If you hire someone to represent you, you must complete the legislated agent authorization form.
  5. Your annual tax notice will be mailed in May with payment due by June 30.

For more information:

City Hall, First Floor, 910 4th Ave S

P: 403 320 3950

F:  403 320 4956


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