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Property Taxes

The 2016 budgets for Municipal, Provincial Education, and Green Acres Foundation increased by an average of 2.1%. 

Your property tax is made up of:

  • A municipal portion - based on the budget City Council sets (about 76% of your total residential bill)2015 Property Assessment House.jpg
  • A provincial education portion - The Alberta Government sends the City an invoice for the education tax. The City of Lethbridge is required to collect this tax from property owners on behalf of the province (about 23% of your total residential bill)
  • A Green Acres portion - The Green Acres Foundation sends the City an invoice for the senior citizen housing management body in Southern Alberta (about 1% of your total residential bill)
  • Some residents also pay local improvement charges or a road maintenance tax

Property taxes are due by June 30 every year.

The final tax rates are not set until late April or May, when the budget for municipal services is finalized and the provincial requisition for education taxes has been received. You can find the 2016 tax rates and how they are calculated here

Cheques, money order, cash, internet banking, or debit are all acceptable methods of payment of your property taxes. For more information regarding how to pay your property taxes, click here.

You may also take advantage of the convenient monthly tax payment plan and spread your payments over the year. For more information about the Tax Installment Payment Plan, please click here!

Property Tax Statistics

Have you ever wondered how the City of Lethbridge stacks up against other municipalities in Alberta? Well your City completed a study that compares the median total property taxes for single family properties in the Province of Alberta for 2016. Here's how we did:
 We also did a median municipal property tax comparison for single family properties in the Province of Alberta for 2016. Here are the results:
Curious about the 2016 median tax change for the various neighbourhoods in your City? Click the map below to find out!
Ever wonder where all your tax dollars go in the country of Canada? Your City completed information that breaks down how much the municipality gets versus the Provincial and Federal Government (as of 2013). Click below to see the results!
Ever wondered about how the average assessment change from year-to-year is affected by the new tax rates? With a typical detached single family house value going from $271,000 in 2015 to $272,000 in 2016, this is how the average tax bill would differ:
2015 Total​ 2016 Total​ Annual Increase​ Percent Change​
Assessment​ $271,000​ $272,000​ $1,000 0.4%​
Municipal Services​ $2,064 $2,129​ $65 3.2%​
Provincial Education Tax​ $654​ $657 $3 0.4%​
Green Acres Foundation​ $34 $35 $1 2.8%​
Total Property Tax Bill​ $2,752 $2,821 $69 2.5%​

For more information:

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Telephone:​ 403-320-3950
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