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Tax Installment Payment Plan

An easy, convenient, and secure way to pay your property tax! 

The TIPP program offers Lethbridge taxpayers the option of making manageable monthly payments. The 10 equal instalments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the first of each month from August to May earning a rate  of prepayment incentive with no service charge. If necessary, a payment to balance the account will be automatically withdrawn on the last business day of June. New applicants are encouraged to apply by July 20th for the August 1st withdrawal although applications are accepted anytime.

To be eligible for the TIPP program, your current year property tax account (due June 30) must be paid in full.

To sign up, follow the link to the application form. For further explanation of the TIPP program, access our brochure.

Mail, fax, email or drop off the completed form and bank account information to City Hall

Once you are enrolled in the program there is no need to reapply every year. The program will continue until you submit a cancellation form. 

Cancel TIPP

Complete a TIPP Cancellation Form and return to the City Tax Department by the 20th of the month prior to the next TIPP withdrawal.

Note: A cancellation form is required for each tax account to be removed from the program. If you are a condominium owner with a titled parking stall(s) on TIPP, a cancellation form is required for each account.

If you have sold your property, review your statement of adjustments (closing costs). Contact your lawyer in the event your TIPP credit was not included in property tax adjustment.

For more information contact us at:


Phone: 403-320-3950
Fax: 403-320-4956
Counter: Main floor - City Hall

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