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Tax Facts

​Property tax is made up of a Provincial education portion, or school "levy", a Green Acres Foundation portion, a municipal portion, also called a municipal "levy", and local improvement charges.  

  • The Provincial Government determines the amount of education tax each municipality in Alberta will pay. Your City is required to collect this tax from property owners on behalf of the Province.
  • The Green Acres Foundation determines the amount of tax necessary for the operation of their senior facilities and supports. Your City is required to collect this tax from property owners on behalf of the Green Acres Foundation.
  • Municipal property taxes are used to pay for civic services like police and fire protection, waste management, parks and recreation, roads, sewers, and other infrastructure.​

Setting Municipal Taxes

In its budget, City Council approves the amount of money required to support city services and programs. From this amount sources of revenue other than property taxes, such as provincial grants, license fees, and user fees, are subtracted. The balance is the amount to be raised from property taxes. Then the assessed property values, as compared to other homes at the same date each year (July 1), are used to determine each property owner's share of the total property tax revenue required.

Overall market value changes of properties do not affect the total revenue your City collects from property tax. Your City only collects enough taxes to realize the revenue required in the budget.

Your City does not get less tax revenue when total property values decrease. Nor does your City get more property tax revenue when the overall property values increase.

The Tax Rate

In order to calculate taxes, a tax rate is established. The formula used to determine the tax rate is as follows:


 Property taxes are affected by four factors:
  1. A change in the Provincial Education tax required by Alberta Learning and distributed to the Public and Separate School Boards
  2. A change in the tax requirements of the Green Acres Foundation necessary for the operation of their senior facilities and supports.
  3. A change in the City's overall budget to meet the demands for City services.
  4. A change in your property's assessed market value if it is higher or lower than the average change in property values City wide.

Other Taxes

Supplementary Tax

  • When a new building or an addition to an existing building is completed in the calendar year, a supplementary tax bill will be issued by the end of the year
  • The supplementary tax bill will reflect the number of months the building was completed or occupied during the year.

Local improvement charges 

  • You will see this charge when property owners approve new or replacement construction projects that intend to upgrade or improve certain conditions within residential, commercial and industrial areas of the municipality.
  • Property owners have the option of paying the associated costs (construction costs and interest) over a specified number of years for improvements constructed in the area of their property or in one lump sum.
    • Examples are alley paving, concrete curbs and gutters, sidewalk replacement, extending sanitary, storm or water systems, etc.

For more information, see our Local Improvement Brochure.

Special Road Maintenance Tax

    • The object of this levy is to fund costs associated with maintaining the streets and sidewalks fronting businesses and houses where the paving is 10 years or older.

Business Revitalization Zone

Your City collects taxes for the Lethbridge Downtown Revitalization Zone to provide improvements in the downtown area. To reach the BRZ office, please phone 403-327-9002.

Manufactured Home Tax

  • Designated manufactured homes are assessed and taxed in the same manner as other houses, structures, and improvements.
  • Property tax on designated manufactured homes is based on the assessed value of the buildings and improvements only.
  • The land is assessed separately and notices are mailed to the owner of the designated Manufactured Home Community.
  • Payment of the annual property taxes is the responsibility of the owner on record at the time of billing as reflected on the tax notice.

Exempt to Taxable Change

  • If an exempt property becomes liable for taxation during the tax year, such as land purchased from the City, an amended Assessment and Taxation Notice will be issued by the end of the year.
  • The amended Assessment and Taxation Notice will reflect the number of days that the land was owned by you.

Assessment and Tax Mail-Out

Tax rates are finalized once the Government of Alberta confirms the education property tax requisition and City Council sets the current year's property tax rates. The annual assessment and tax notices for residential properties and the tax notices for income producing properties are mailed in May. A separate assessment notice for income producing properties is mailed in February.

Where and When to Pay

Property taxes are due on June 30 each year to avoid late payment penalties.

Tax payments can be made in a variety of ways:

Tax Installment Payment Plan

The TIPP program offers Lethbridge taxpayers the option of making manageable monthly payments. The 10 equal instalments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the first of each month from August to May, earning a rate of prepayment incentive with no service charge. If necessary, a payment to balance the account will be automatically withdrawn on the last business day of June. New applicants are encouraged to apply by July 20th for the August 1st withdrawal although applications are accepted anytime.

To be eligible for the TIPP program, your current year property tax (due June 30) must be paid in full.

To sign up, follow the link to the application form. For further explanation of the TIPP program, access our brochure.

Mail, fax, email or drop off the completed form and bank account information to City Hall.

Once you are enrolled in the program there is no need to reapply every year. The program will continue until you submit a TIPP Cancellation Form.



  • Cheque or money order payable to the City of Lethbridge:
City of Lethbridge
Assessment and Taxation
910 4 Ave S
Lethbridge AB T1J 0P6

In Person

  • In City Hall (Cashiers on the first floor)
  • 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. - business days
  • Cash, cheque or debit cards
  • Credit cards are not accepted

Online Banking

  • Check with your financial institution

Credit Card

  • The City of Lethbridge does not offer the option of paying taxes using a credit card. However, you may be able to utilize a third-party service provider using your MasterCard, Visa or American Express by clicking the "Pay Now" button below. Plastiq charges a convenience fee of 2.5% of the amount paid and is independent of the City of Lethbridge. To avoid late fees please allow sufficient time to process your payment as the City of Lethbridge will credit your account on the day we receive payment. Plastiq indicates payments are processed within 3-6 business days. For more information, please click here.


Mailing Address Updates

The City of Lethbridge's source of information for mailing assessment notices and tax bills is the Province of Alberta Land Titles Office.

It is the property owner's responsibility to keep the Land Titles record accurate. Under the Municipal Government Act Section 337, once mailed, a tax bill is considered to have been received after seven days.

Contact Alberta Land Titles at 403-297-6511 regarding any changes to your mailing address. You will need the legal description of your property, as shown on your tax bill, in order to make the change. For more information and to change your mailing address with Alberta Land Titles, follow the link to Alberta Land Titles Change of Address form. 

For Manufactured Homes only, change your mailing address by completing this form and submit it through the mail, fax, email or drop off at:

City Hall (First Floor)
Assessment and Taxation Department
910 4 Ave S
Lethbridge AB
T1J 0P6


For more information, contact us at:

Phone: 403-320-3950
Fax: 403-320-4956
Counter: Main floor - City Hall

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