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Plastiq - Pay By Credit Card (Online Only)

Property taxes and utility accounts can now be paid online by credit card.

Plastiq, a third-party payment service, enables you to use your credit card to make payments more conveniently through their secure online system. Plastiq provides the option to pay your property taxes or utility bill by using your credit card. Plastiq will be charging a convenience fee. For additional information about Plastiq and service fees charged, please click here.

Making payments with the Plastiq service is similar to making any other online credit card payment.

The City of Lethbridge does not accept credit card payments. Credit card payments must be made online using one of the following methods:

  1. Go to and type in City of Lethbridge. Then choose either City of Lethbridge - Taxes or City of Lethbridge - Utilities.
  2. Click on the applicable page below for instructions on going directly to their site:

City of Lethbridge - Taxes (Where and When to Pay) 

City of Lethbridge - Utilities

Payments through Plastiq are approved instantly. However, processing may take from 3-6 business days. Payments processed after their due date are subject to late fees.