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Syrian Refugee Resettlement Update

Lethbridge Family Services, Immigrant Services (LFS-IS) is working hard to prepare for the successful settlement of Syrian refugees and is in need of community support through volunteers, affordable housing options and donations for the Refugee Resettlement Fund. For more information visit

As compassionate citizens of our community, it is our responsibility to assist and support the Syrian Refugees that will be arriving in Lethbridge. Community and Social Development (CSD) is working with LFS-IS to ensure the Syrian families are welcomed and supported to settle into the fabric of our community.

According to the most recent information we have, Lethbridge is expecting to receive an estimated total of 240 Government-sponsored Refugees from Syria by the end of 2016. Of this total, 125 are expected to arrive in Lethbridge by early January to March 1, 2016. In addition, we are currently expecting a further 35-50 Privately-sponsored Refugees in Lethbridge.

At this point, indications are that Lethbridge will be receiving mainly refugees who have fled Syria and found refuge in Jordan. All refugees will have been subject to the five-stage Canadian screening process for refugees.

If you have any questions, please contact the Immigrant Services team at (403) 320-1589 or email 

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Lethbridge strives to continue its work on being a welcoming and inclusive community for all its citizens regardless of culture, background, way of life, ability or source of income. As such the Coalition of Racism and Discrimination (CMARD) and Beyond Your front Door (BYFD) will be collaborating with LFS-IS in supporting Syrian families as they settle in Lethbridge.

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