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Community & Social Development (CSD) Group


Welcome to the Community & Social Development Group.  We are guided by Social Policy and are a professional team who utilize best practices, broad community engagement and strong partnerships to complete work in the community. The CSD Group is responsible for the following:

  • Preventive social services through Family & Community Support Services (FCSS),
  • Projects and programs to end homelessness through Bringing Lethbridge Home (SHIA), 
  • Social Policy initiatives to address priority social needs,
  • Community Based Grants and Fee For Service contracts, and
  • Directs the Emergency Social Services.
  • Accessibility & Aging in Place for all people - Research Initiative and Plan
  • CMARD (Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination)
  • Vibrant Lethbridge - Poverty Reduction
  • Building Welcoming & Inclusive Neighbourhoods
  • Developmental Assets to build healthy and resilient children, youth and families
  • Accessibility & Aging in Place for all people - Research Initiative and Plan
  • Syrian Refugee Resettlement Update available to the community
Through community engagement, planning, and development and under the direction of the Community and Social Development Committee of Council, The Social Housing In Action Committee of Council and the Youth Advisory Council, the community, families, and all citizens are provided opportunities to become more resilient, build healthy relationships, participate in community life and get connected with the right services and opportunities to build a better community.

Contact Community & Social Development Group
Phone: (403)320-3051
City Hall - 3rd Floor
910-4th Ave South
Lethbridge, AB T1J0P6

The Community & Social Development Team:

FCSS Coordinator
Dawn Vickers
Grant & Data Administrator
Vlessy Villanueva-Sanchez
Administrative Assistant
Elley Chinook
Housing First Program Specialist
Shauna Cox
Neighbourhood Development Coordinator
Jerry Firth

Inclusion Consultant
Roy Pogorzelski
Finance Technician
Lorraine Lindo