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ENMAX Centre Renovation & Expansion


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The ENMAX Centre is located at 2510 Scenic Drive South and is the premier provider of entertainment in Lethbridge and Southern Alberta. It is the home of the Lethbridge Hurricanes, and is used extensively for a variety of major spectator events including concerts, bull riding, arena cross and many other community events.

The renovation is intended to broaden Lethbridge’s entertainment experience and increase financial benefits to the community’s economy. It will provide significantly better customer service with:

  • More & better luxury suites (24 in total)
  • Improved vehicle access/egress & parking
  • Increased concourse and lobby space
  • Improved Handicapped access, seating and washrooms
  • Enhanced food and beverage services
  • New lounge and banquet spaces
  • Improved washrooms
  • Enhanced dressing rooms and training facilities

The design will include environmentally sustainable building features where feasible.

The Schedule for the ENMAX Centre Renovation & Expansion is as follows:

  • Design: July 2008 - May 2009
  • Tender package #1 May 2009
  • Construction: May 2009 - April 2012

The funding sources towards this project are:

  • City of Lethbridge: $9,744,000  
  • Lethbridge Hurricanes $2,500,000
  • Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) Grant: $17,795,000
  • Major Community Facilities (MCF) Grant: $3,683,000

The Total Project Budget for the ENMAX Centre is: $33,722,000

Contact Information:

Project Manager:
Sam Conard
Facilities Project Manager
City of Lethbridge 

Department Head

Kim Gallucci
General Manager, ENMAX Centre 


Ward Brothers Construction Ltd.
Lethbridge, AB

Graham Edmunds Cartier (GEC) Architecture
Calgary, AB

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