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Henderson Lake Retaining Wall Replacement

​Current Status​Active
​Location​Henderson Lake

About the Project

This project includes the complete removal of the existing, deteriorating retaining wall located near the concession plaza. The wooden wall structure will be replaced by a terraced stone wall, complete with seating areas, extended water access and lit safety barrier.

Please be mindful while in the area, heavy equipment will be accessing the park though the east parking lot (across from 31 Street South) which will be closed during the construction period. Pathway detours within the park will be clearly marked and signed prior to construction.

Construction is scheduled to begin at the end of October.


*Updated November 15, 2017: Please note, areas in red are CLOSED, this includes the parking lot, active construction area and some pathways which will not be cleared of snow. Pathways in blue are open to pedestrians and will be cleared of snow as usual. The area shaded in yellow is the retaining wall to be replaced.  

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Contact Information

Chris Witkowski
Parks Development Manager
403 320 3853