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Electric Distribution Projects 2014-2023

The projects identified for electric distribution are required to maintain a modern, efficient and reliable electric system. Electric distribution is the distribution of electricity from one of the City of Lethbridge's 5 substations to your home or business. The City of Lethbridge is responsible for maintaining 4,000 transformers, 780 kilometres of underground lines, 200 kilometres of overhead lines and other related infrastructure.


    The projects that are being identified for the 2014-2023 CIP are based on the following:

  • Regulations
    • Upgrades to meet regulatory requirements
  • System growth
    • New facilities and network extensions
  • Performance
    • Failure to meet levels of service
    • Analysis predicting performance issues
  • Asset lifecycle replacement
    • Elevated maintenance costs
    • End of useful life

Funding for these projects will come from customer charges, borrowing, and the Municipal Revenue Stabilization Reserve (MRSR).

 2014-2016 Capital Improvement Projects

​Project ​Funding Source ​3 Year
Proposed Budget
Distribution Extension Annual Program (F-14)
Customer Charges
Reserve - MRSR​
Underground Cable Replacement (F-15)
Borrowing - Utilities
Customer Charges​
Overhead Line Replacement (F-16)​ Borrowing - Utilities​ $8,670,000​