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Parking Meter Replacement (D-27)

​​​​​​​​Current Status ​Active
​Downtown Lethbridge

Project Update

August 2017 - ​​​The procurement process​ is now complete and a vendor has been selected to provide Lethbridge's new parking meter technology. 

The successful vendor anticipates having the required equipment available by late fall which would push installation and system launch into the winter months. We understand that introducing the new system when it is cold and snowy outside, may not be ideal for the community. As such, we are planning for a spring 2018 launch.

This does not mean work on the project will halt. Concrete work will begin shortly in preparation for spring installation. Work is also underway with the vendor to secure a demo machine can be used over the winter months to educate residents on how the system will operate. ​

June 2017 - a request for proposals was open to potential vendors until June 14, 2017. It is anticipated a vendor will be chosen by late July. Once this decision has been made, more definite timelines around installation and project completion can be shared with the community. 

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About the Project

The primary objective of paid and time zoned parking in downtown Lethbridge is to achieve parking turnover which results in equitable availability of parking to shoppers and visitors to downtown. This also helps foster a vibrant downtown with increased business activity and revenue opportunities for the downtown businesses.

This project will replace the aging downtown parking meter infrastructure and expand the pay-parking zones in the remaining areas of the downtown.

This program will consider options for replacement of the aging parking meter infrastructure in downtown Lethbridge with new parking meters and alternative payment technology. It will expand the on-street pay-parking in the remaining areas of the downtown.

The Need

There are currently a little over 1,500 parking meters in the Downtown. Approximately 95% of the parking meter infrastructure, parking meter housings and support poles are greater than 25 years old. These housings and poles are starting to show signs of wear and look unkept. Many of the meters cannot be reprogrammed to accept new coins or other payment methods. The outdated meter housings are also susceptible to vandalism. Maintenance of our current parking meters continues to be a challenge and we expect this challenge to increase exponentially, as the infrastructure ages.

Click here to view the Lethbridge On-Street Parking Management Study.

Public Engagement

Over the past year the City of Lethbridge has reached out to the community for feedback on the upcoming Parking Meter Technology Upgrade. This feedback has aided in determining the preferred option and number of parking pay stations for the new system.

Feedback from the Public Engagement Session held in December 2015 and the subsequent online surveys showed that 81% of respondents preferred the hybrid option (the same option recommended by Walker Parking Consultants). The hybrid option consists of Pay-by-Plate multi-space pay stations with mobile license plate recognition enforcement and single space smart parking meters at each barrier free/accessibility parking stall and in two isolated locations on 1st Avenue South.

Feedback from the Public Engagement Session held in June 2016 and the subsequent online surveys showed that 57% of respondents would like to see 170 multi-space pay stations. This option will mean that on average individuals will have to walk less than 10 angled stalls (5 parallel parking stalls) to the nearest machine.

June 15, 2016

The City of Lethbridge hosted a public feedback session on Wednesday, June 15, 2016. During this session participants:

  • Learned more about what has been happening on the project
  • Provided opinions on future meter locations and time zones
  • Saw how different types of parking meters work

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December 2, 2015

The City of Lethbridge hosted an information and feedback session on Wednesday, December 2. Those in attendance received details about the options available and provided feedback about the options. 

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Total Cost (2014-2016) ​$2.0 M

Project Manager

Val Fellger, Parking Coordinator
Transportation Operations
403 320 4085