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Residential and Commercial Servicing

Electric Distribution System 

We are responsible for the entire electric system from the substation to your home or business. 

Quick Facts about the Electric System 

  •  37,200 customers -

               - 34,650 Residential and small business customers

               -  2,450 Commercial Customers

               -  100 Industrial Customers

  • 3,500 Kilometers of power lines
  • 765,500,000 KwHr's of electricity used in 2011
  • 153 MW Peak Demand on the system in August 2008
  • 151 MW Peak Demand on the system in 2011 (July)


The City of Lethbridge installs distribution service as subdivisions are constructed.  Homebuilders are responsible for service from the distribution system to the meter base. 

The following is required:

  • Acquire an electric permit (apply at Development Services)
  • Acquire a site ID (apply at Utility Customer Services)
  • Pay the servicing contribution (2013 fee - $420) Payable at Infrastructure Services

Note:  once all of the above has been applied, the meter could take up to 3 working days to install.

New Development Processes (May 22, 2012).pdf



The City of Lethbridge installs commercial distribution service as required. Builders and/or developers must contact electric design to discuss servicing requirements.  LEU covers all or portion of the installed customer related cost of providing distribution service connections for services with a load requirement greater than 5 kVa.   For further information please review the Capital Investment Policy.

New Development Processes (May 22, 2012).pdf

For all Commercial Servicing requests please contact: or

Burns  Hill (403) 320-4886

Metering Requirements

Metering requirements for electric service with the City of Lethbridge please click below

City Metering Guide 2011-03-17.pdf

New Development Processes (May 22, 2012).pdf

All installations and removals of residential electrical revenue meters within the  City of Lethbridge will only be done by qualified City of Lethbridge personnel or our designates.  Electrical contractors that require meter removal or service de-energization must contact the Electric Lineshop at (403)-320-3940 to arrange a suitable time.  24 hour advanced notice is required to coordinate crews and ensure all required permits are in place. 

 Normal hours of operation are between 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM Monday to Friday.  Arrangements outside of normal working hours will result in overtime being charged to the requestor.

In the event of emergency the Electric Trouble number is available 24 hours at (403)320-3940.


Standards and Policies

The following is a listing of the major City of Lethbridge Electric Utility standards and policies

Installation Agreement (November 18, 2010).pdf

2012 LEU Investment Policy.pdf

Definitions Investment Policy.pdf

Micro-Generation Application (July 2008).pdf

Micro-Generator Application Guideline (July 2008).pdf

Interconnection Agreement 10 kW Inverter (August 26,2008).pdf

Interconnection Agreement 10 - 150 kW (August 26, 2008).pdf

2012 Technical TC for Distribution Wires Access.pdf

Guideline for Generator Interconnection (January 2003).pdf

Distributed Generation (May 2009).pdf

Trenching and Backfilling Specification (June 2010).pdf

Section 8 Electrical Distribution 2012 (February 2012) Design Standards.pdf

Power Quality (February 2003).pdf

If you cannot find the information you are looking for please contact: or

Burns Hill (403) 320-4886