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Water and Sanitary Sewer Rate FAQ

Why did water and sanitary sewer rates change?
We are in the first year of a new water and sanitary sewer rate structure which City Council adopted in 2011. It is designed to encourage and reward water conservation by shifting a larger portion of overall water costs to the highest-volume residential users. This new rate structure took effect Jan. 1, 2012 and has no effect on the overall revenue to the Water Utility.

Does the City of Lethbridge now get more revenue?
No.  The total revenue from all customers remains the same, but rewards those customers that use the least water

How is my water billing affected?
Fixed monthly charges are now lower for all but the largest residential users, and a greater proportion of your monthly bill is now based on the actual volume of water used. In other words, we’re all paying more per liter of water now than last year to offset the reduction in fixed charges.

Why is my sanitary sewer bill higher this summer than in past years?
Residential sanitary sewer rates also changed and are now based on monthly water consumption year round. In the past, sewer charges were based only on your average winter water consumption. So, in effect, there’s now a direct link between your water consumption and your sanitary sewer charges. Again, this new rate structure is designed to encourage and reward water conservation.

Is everyone paying more for water and sewer services?
Although residents will see greater fluctuations in water and sanitary sewer bills from winter to summer, an average household that uses around 20 cubic meters of water per month will not see a change in overall annual costs. Instead of seeing relatively consistent monthly bills throughout the year, you will see billing amounts peak in summer and dip in winter, corresponding to actual water usage.
Low-volume residential users will see a slight reduction in their annual water and sewer costs, while high-volume users will see an increase. Water users will notice changes most during the summer and early fall when their water use is highest.

How can I monitor how much water my household is using?
 By registering for City of Lethbridge eUtility services, you can:
• View and compare your consumption usage
• Receive e-bill notification and paperless billing
• Check your balance and payment history

Do I have any billing options?
Yes, you can pay the actual, fluctuating monthly costs, based on your metered water consumption, or you can opt for Budget Billing, which sets a fixed monthly amount, based on your year-round consumption.

Please contact one of our Customer Care Representatives at (403) 320-3111 or email if you have any questions

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